Does Common Men Interested in Sex With Escorts & Hookers?

Does Common Men Interested in Sex With Escorts & Hookers?

Does Common men interested in escorts or hookers? Does he know the answer to “Does Common men interested in sex with escorts / hookers?” For sure he is not interested in anything but “sex”! You see, it is about knowing your man and his needs. Women can be very understanding and attentive and normally a common man will talk openly about his needs and expectations. Usually they will never put it in terms of sex, however I am sure if you ask him that question about some other women he will think what about them.

The reason I say so, is that most women will not talk about their own needs, feelings, or expectations in the same way as most guys do. Women usually prefer to have more “togetherness” in their relationship, that is why they prefer to have “serious” sex (not graphic, no!) and not escorts. But then I suppose the guy who is not interested in “serious” sex and likes “naughty fun” is not the “serious” type either! So then the question remains: Do you think that most men are interested in sex with escorts/hookers?

I don’t think so. I think they are just being shy and not really open-minded enough to admit their true interests and to see the potential in a woman. It’s actually pretty funny when you think about it. Most men have no idea that a lot of women are actually interested in having “naughty fun” in the bedroom and in many cases they would love to try out something new every once in a while!

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